Twitch Post - Let the best option ever!

Hello, this article will discuss the Post Twitch recently arrived! I love this new feature because it permits to have a greater contact with the stream and fan. Personally, when I look at the lives, the people use to write their schedules, small advertisements, etc. Apart from that, I find this feature lack of option like this:
Editing: Allow edit its text be published after that (if there’s a fault or other problem)
Markdown Support: Having this support as for the panels that will shed fat from specific or important information if the post is very long etc…
Share: Having the Share Button, Twitter, Facebook Social other networks which will allow viewers to share the Post Streamer.

Just add it, rendered very powerful tool, after I see nothing else to add, surely Twitch your team know what to add or improve it!

Personally, I use the Post to post updates on my account which always French after share on Twitter for the French community is up to date!

Twitter: @ARTIYT
thank you Twitch
Alexis Bousquet

Non-API feature requests are best posted on the uservoice (note the sidebar categories).

The posts are meant to be temporary, if you need editing the normal panels are a better option. Markdown won’t work with the automatic twitter sharing as twitter doesn’t support it.

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What would you say in temporary? When a person writes a post he not normally deletes after?

Temporary as in the information posted is relevant now, but won’t be a week or two later, like news.

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I too have this conclusion, I wrote, streamers generally use it to give a schedule, information! :smiley:

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