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hello, I apologize right now because I am using the translator to send this message (hi brazil ^^) I would like to know, if there is any way to: After there is a new Sub, the user receives a message in his Whisper, or even in the chat, to appear only for him, asking him to synchronize Discord with Twitch, as it is difficult to keep asking all subs, one by one to do such synchronization. Can you tell me if there is any way to make this synchronization request automatically? please

On Whispers

Yes you could code a bot to automatically send a whisper to a user on an event.

But it’s considered “not reliable” to do that. As you’ll have deliverability issues.

It’s not a good use case for the whisper feature.

On Reply in chat

A better method is to send it via chat, but everyone will see if. Auto replies in chat with information/instructions is common and widely used.

So you just need a bot to listen to the relevant USERNOTICE events

Generally these days you’ll find most users already linked this Twitch to Discord anyway

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