Twitch throttle rules for Access tokens validation

Hi Dev community,

Trying to find an answer to the following question:

  • Are there any rules for Twitch to throttle our application when we verify access tokens for ‘n’ number of our players?

Scenario: We have 60 mln active players. Say, 5 mln are connected to Twitch and 50,000 are login in and out. What if we keep sending the verification requests for 50,000 players to Twitch.
– Is there a set rule we should follow? Like max 1 cal per second?

The rate limits docs

Gives no opinion on the validation endpoint

So you should be fine. For the most part you’ll probably only need to validate for the users that are also playing. But you’ll probably also only want to validate, when they login.

Which may minimize the number of requests involved.

Thank you!

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