Iam looking forward to get a script for my channel that will have the following:

1)Automatic message at the bottom right of the screen when someone logs in chat. This message will have a character with a “dialogue cloud” over him which will say “Hello (username)”.
2)Automatic message at the top of the screen when someone subscribes.
3)Automatic message at the top of the screen when someone donates.
3)Automatic messages every 5 minutes which will display our website, facebook page, youtube channel and twitter.

Are there any devs that can help? I have even placed listings in Odesk or PeoplePerHour but I can’t find an appropriate person! If there any sample scripts and a way to install them, I would appreciate your help!

Thank you.

Some viewers like to lurk in channels without being seen. I suggest not doing this. Get more info on this at

There’s dozens of alerter tools already. If you want something easy to use, check out

There’s dozens of bots that do this already. Learn about chat bots at

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