Twitch V5 Subscriber [BROKEN API]

There was a post before, but it was buried with no response from twitch.
Was the v5 subscriber check quietly disabled?

It has been broken for a few days, when looking up a user it returns the channel owner as a subscriber.


The channel owner has always been shown as a subscriber to themselves. This is simply how Twitch handles certain aspects of their website.

When somebody becomes an affiliate/partner they unlock the ability to have emotes. To grant the channel owner the permission to use their own emotes, the channel owner is granted an unlimited tier 3 subscription to themselves.

Whats your request/cURL/code to make the request?

A quick test of

With the relevant scope under v5 has successfully returned the correct information

I got my sub plan and my start date and a channel payload representing SOMEONEISUBTOID

I have not changed my code for months, and this used to work…

Yup confirming as broken.

Personally I just cache all the subs by downloading all the subs by page, every 4 hours and/or do a users/ID/subscriptions/CHANNELID check instead of using the channels lookup

I personally use this unofficial API:

ps: you can even know who is moderator :slight_smile:

wow thats great. something tells me this endpoint will not exist past december though :frowning:
if userID was interchangeable with login, it would be the best twitch endpoint of the year.
and throw follower in there :stuck_out_tongue:

This still appears to be broken in v5. Also broken in v3.

It seems that, no matter the UserID/UserName specified, it always returns the channel owner’s subscription details, rather than the specified user.

Hey everyone, @Syzuna brought this post to my attention (and a couple others for the same issue). I’ve bookmarked these for Monday when I’ll try to track this down with the engineering team.

I see a lot of clicks on the unofficial endpoint above. If this is functionality that you find important to your development, please fill out our New Twitch API Feature Request form. We are using this to understand all use cases and to prioritize what functionality becomes officially support.


I’ve received confirmation from the subscriptions team that this issue has been fixed.

Nothing has changed for me. The endpoint still returns the channel owner as the subscriber even though i’m clearly requesting info about a specific user.

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Still not fixed :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. I’ll send this specific thread back to the team.

I’m seeing the same (unexpected) response for my own channel and checking in with the team.

The subscriptions team has reproduced the error (showing channel object if that channel is also associated with the client id, rather than providing the expected “not a subscriber” message).

The bug is being tracked in a sprint. For Twitch staff, that ticket is SUBS-2010.

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Just to add my own experience in here, so the problem may be fixed, I’ve started receiving a 403 from the subscribers endpoint (despite previously having access).

My response from${TOKEN} is

  token: {
    valid: true,
    authorization: {
      scopes: [
    user_name: ${USERNAME},
    user_id: ${USERID},
    client_id: ${CLIENT}

And from${USERID}/subscriptions?api_version=5&limit=100&oauth_token=${TOKEN}

  error: "Forbidden",
  status: 403,
  message: "Unable to access channel subscribers of ${USERID}"

Try using headers instead of query string arguments for version/token

curl -H 'Accept: application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json' \
-H 'Authorization: OAuth cfabdegwdoklmawdzdo98xt2fo512y' \
-X GET${USERID}/subscriptions?limit=100

For example

This version actually works, oddly enough. Programmatically I stick with the header version, but since v5 has also supported url params I occasionally used that method to look at subs, in my browser, for a channel I moderate. Peculiar,

Please confirm it’s fixed now! I no longer get my own object, but rather a message that /Twitch does not subscribe to me. Yay.

  "error": "Not Found",
  "status": 404,
  "message": "12826 has no subscriptions to 135093069"

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