Twitchbot can't conect to

Hi, I’m a newbie, and i need help:


And I don’t know why isn’t work ;/
Thanks !

EDIT: oauth change every times when i connect to

The OAuth will change every time. You’re generating a new token each time.

Please read the docs here:

A few things I noticed: try instead of just, your NICK isn’t all lowercase as specified in the docs, the channel name isn’t lowercase as specified in the docs.

Yes, now it’s work, thanks but i can’t use my bot, it didn’t scan the chat :

1480763270152 001 pierrepier5 :Welcome, GLHF!
1480763270153 002 pierrepier5 :Your host is
1480763270153 003 pierrepier5 :This server is rather new
1480763270153 004 pierrepier5 :-
1480763270153 *** Logged onto server.
1480763270154 375 pierrepier5 :-
1480763270154 >>>JOIN pierrepier5
1480763270154 372 pierrepier5 :You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.
1480763270155 376 pierrepier5 :>
1480763270386 :pierrepier5! JOIN pierrepier5
1480763270388 353 pierrepier5 = pierrepier5 :pierrepier5
1480763270388 366 pierrepier5 pierrepier5 :End of /NAMES list

You’re missing the # from the channel on your JOIN. It should be JOIN #pierrepier5

thanks it’s work now

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