Unbanned bot can't send messages to chat

  1. type /ban botUserName on a chat
  2. a bot is kicked off from a channel and can not join anymore ( is OK )
  3. type /unban botUserName on a chat
  4. bot can join successfully
  5. try send a message using client.say method ( from tmi.js library ) - it was working before, but after ban and unban messages don’t appear on a chat although the same bot can listen and can receive a self-message (which was previously sent).
  6. now only giving mod status for a bot makes messages “visible”.

It seems it is permanently, once given ban, even after unban - this removes possibility to send visible chat messages.

Does anyone know this is bug? Or maybe did I something wrong?

If the chat is quiet, there is an edge case bug where the web UI doesn’t update when new messages arrive.

This is irregardless of the state/flags the user sending has.

You can use a second connection or inspector/dev tools to see the truth.

I was observing the chat also from 2 accounts, and these messages wasn’t visible on these accounts also.

Thats neither using dev tools or a second connection, thats just opening another browser, and the edge case bug tripped in both browsers.

So, does this edge-case-bug is strictly associated/connected with unbanned accounts which are used by bots? I am asking because other messages ( which are sent by users ) are visible.

no it’s just a coincidence

I can go into my own chat, send a message and the ----NEW---- line appears but not my own message.

You should also enable raw debugging to see if you are getting any error messages back, that TMI.js is not handling/displaying to you

Like for example, if the chat is in “follower only mode” and the bot doesn’t follow the channel, that’ll be the issue, and modding the bot bypasses the follower restriction

The chat is not in followers-only mode:

I enabled debug option in tmi.js and also set messagesLogLevel to “trace” and nothing bad displays/apperas in a console.

I can’t believe this is only coincidence because this issue is reproducable 100%.

Then thats the usual suspects out of the way.

if it’s not the edge case dispaly bug, and it’s not followers only, I’ve got nothing else obvious to suggest. I don’t use tmi.js so I don’t know what to turn on to see what the Twitch TMI server is actually saying.

Can anyone help?

You ned to turn on raw debugging and see what the server is responding with and/or use a second connection that raw logs chat (without the library in the way) and see if it’s doing what you think it’s doing.

Might not be showing you a full picture of whats actually going on.

Bot users are also regular users. And I doubt there is any shadowbanning going on. But if you are sending the bot via a VPN/known VPN node that might be a factor, as some VPN’s are blocked in a none obvious way I believe. (No official word on that but anacedotal evidence from Reddit other users)

There is a lot of “it might be’s” here…

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