Upcoming Twitch embeds experiment

I understand the stakes of these experiments, however at the moment it creates a lot of inconvenience.

Mainly on our MultiTwitch platform where most of the users can’t use it anymore.
Disabling the protections (cookie or ad blocker) does not solve the problem.

A solution is planned soon? :slight_smile:

Hi there, thanks for this feedback on your use case. The experiment in question is temporary, and it will be concluding relatively soon, and we should be able to report on that in an update here when it’s concluded. Were you referring to CTAs or the interstitial purple ad message, or both? Those two implementations are tangentially related but not exactly the same in terms of timing.

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Thank you for your answer and clarification.

I was referring to both in effect.

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Got it, so yes the CTA in its current form will be concluded and interstitial ads may remain. We have definitely heard the feedback on those (since the original forum post), and we are working cross-functionally on more updates that we can hopefully share there, as well. Wish that I had more details to share there at this time, but I’ll respond in this space when I’m able to do so. Thanks again for the feedback.

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Thanks again for expanding upon your thinking here, especially when it comes to different implementations or thoughts around CTAs that are deployed a bit more contextually. This is helpful for future thinking on embed discovery efforts and balancing those particular details about player placement within a specific domain. Appreciate it!

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True story, many +

Twitch wouldn’t have gotten as far without a great embed experience, why would you saw off your own leg?

This is why our company started suggesting to other sites/tournaments we work with to make sure they have a YouTube stream alternative


This experiment, as well as the PSOD, are also causing issues for embedded players within video games, including PUBG and VRChat. Obviously click-thru is impossible in these non-browser embeds.


Am I missing something or there is not update?

I haven’t seen any of the popups in the last few days on our embeds, anyone has any input or update? maybe the experiment has ended?

Hello, thanks for reaching out about this, and yes the experiment has concluded. There was an update posted to this thread’s original message with that info on February 9th.

The purple one is there yet

That is not part of the experiment. Its a separate initiative to address adblockers.

Not quite it seems

The purple message seen in a Twitch embed was designed to address ad blocking and is shown periodically to all embed viewers

It’s shown to everyone regardless of the presence of an adblocker or not.

This is by far the stupidest thing Twitch can do to its business.

I’m a normal user who isn’t using any adblocks or anything. If you wanna monetize so badly, do it.
Don’t punish your existing users, who aren’t getting in your way in any way. You will end up losing a lot of money instead.

Roll this back and any user who has disabled adblock for Twitch or isn’t using adblock at all should never have to view that annoying purple screen ever again!

Clearly you guys have noobs working in this department of yours that came up with this decision.

And worst of all, you guys haven’t even given a straight answer that you’re actually gonna fix this or not.
You’re just saying “All users regardless of using adblock or not are affected” DUH! WE KNOW!

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As mentioned here before, the Purple Screen is a seperate thing and has nothing to do with the experiment announced in this Thread.

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Thanks, @Marenthyu. Yes, the experiment mentioned in this announcement has concluded. Since it has been 3+ weeks since it closed, we will now close the discussion.

If you happen to find this thread when searching for more information about a purple screen being displayed in Twitch embeds at this time, please see the following: