User ID when setting 'developer' Configuration segment

I want to set a value to the developer Configuration segment of my Extension from a 3rd party system using the Twitch API, as per

The Extension is created within a Twitch Developer organisation.

What value do I use for user_id within the JWT?

Do I use the user ID of the organisation? If so, how do I obtain this value?


Well a organisation is not a user, so it’s not that

As a organisation member, try your own ID, and if that doesn’t work, try the userID of the person whom originally created the Extension. (I don’t have an organisation to test against)

Also a reminder that all data stored in the config service should be treated as public, even the developer segment.

I was just messing with this for extension chat, and I used my own account, and the user_id of my billing manager. The “owner” is my personal account. The billing manger User ID worked, so I think it can be anyone in the organization.

Ok yeah, it looks like I was using the incorrect user_id value.

FWIW, my user account is both the organisation owner and the user who created the Extension.

I was extracting the user_id value from the Configuration Service screen of the Developer Rig.

Initially I was using the Use Developer Rig user value, which didn’t work. But when I use the Use current user value it works fine.

So presumably the user_id returned by User current user is my user ID, correct?

So then where does the user_id value for Use Developer Rig come from?

The developer for “Use Developer Rig User” uses user ID 265737932 which is the id for developerrig This use can fetch but not set


And since you linked to the documentation, surprised you are trying to use the rig’s user ID anyway!

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Ok, gotcha. Makes sense.

Thanks for help Barry.