Username changes / Identifying users?

Does Twitch at least give us the grace of redirecting us to the correct user document if we use the API to query an old username?


Maybe after they document mod actions for PubSub

The hint was dropped with v5 being ID based…

And then again, with the Username reclaimation policy changes

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Oh we’re supposed to work off hints that Twitch drop us now? Huh…


They can’t tell us everything, somethings can’t be released to the public.
Nor can they get ALL of us to sign a NDA.

Look at all the partners ignoring NDA talking about name change on Twitter hours ago before Twitch gave the official announcement.

Personally when v5 was announced and the move to ID’s I thought it was obvious what the long term plan was. (And I tend to store everything by ID reference since prior to v5 some partners were getting name changes anyway)

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I mean, sure they do stuff because they have to, my only issue is that its not “ready on release”. A lot of IRC messages are missing the user-id which simply said breaks 3rd party stuff relying on it for the while. For how long? who knows. It just seems rushed to me for no reason.

Thankfully we identified users by ids for a long time now, but it was still very surprising when they launched it before their own systems even fully supported it. I was informed a few hours prior and would have been unable to rewrite stuff in time if our system hasn’t worked via IDs already

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The difference between v3 and v5 is v5 is all the sudden a lot less friendly if you don’t store anything at all.

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Which IRC messages are missing ID tags?

Looks like i might be the one to blame, the datasample i made the assumptions from is a bit outdated, sorry!

I retract my statement, they did warn us.


I believe IDs on the twitchnotify PRIVMSG initial subscriptions are missing.

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That’s a bit tricky, as it’s only a user in the message body, not actually sent by/to/from that user. I think it might be getting replaced by a different message type than PRIVMSG at some point (similar to the resub notifications).

@DallasNChains can elaborate on that as I’m not the authority on that product.

Is there an alternative to the Chatters endpoint that returns userid’s instead of names? If not, would it be possible to introduce that?

ROOMSTATE (on join)


  1. we cannot get ids off all users in chat without many https requests (they can change username while we doing it)
  2. we do not get notify to switch to new channel or reconnect with new username
  3. we cannot (un)timeout/(un)ban/(un)mod/host/w user by id
    This is not all problems…
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The benefits from allowing users to change their username seems like an issue disproportional to the confusion it creates.

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This is the biggest problem imo.

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The chatters endpoint should give both username and ID, elsewise in most practical scenarios you would half to do hundreds if nit thousands of http request to get all the usernames to match.


This seems to be fixed, at least for me and the samples I tested…
What has been wrong: Queries to (v5) for the old user name after a name change deterministically returned another, non-existing user ID.
What’s happening right now: These queries do not return any user (which is correct in my eyes).