My issue
When I use CAP REQ the onMessage event in PircBot never gets called…

Why I need the tags
I want to use the tags so I can get the color of the users name on twitch. I want this so I can use their colors in my bots chat tab.

Any help would be nice.
Thanks in advance.

Pircbot doesn’t support tags so it so you’ll have to add support for it yourself into the handleLine function in

I’m not sure about PircbotX since I haven’t used that framework much.

Figured I would have to… Would splitting the handleLine be the easiest way to get the message?

I believe that’s the path I sent with my applications that use Pircbot. Remove tags from line, split into Map which is now included as a new parameter in onMessage, let the original code handle the rest of the line processing as it originally did since tags are no longer there.

Okay so clear the tags then do super(newStringWithoutTags)?

I don’t use super which I don’t think would work correctly anyway. I just remove the tags from the original line first in handleLine and store them in a string which is then passed as an additional parameter in onMessage further down in that function.

PircbotX supports tags.

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