Video Tags in Helix?

Am I missing something or is impossible to get the tags for a video with the Helix api? I see that it is possible to get tags for a stream but streams are ephemeral and I am looking to get them for VODs.

I see that it was possible to get them in the v5 api but my app is too new to use that. Has this really gone away entirely?

Sounds like you need a feature request:

I mean, sure, but I can’t imagine the odds are good for requesting a feature that used to be present but was then removed. So I’m looking more to see whether I’m just missing it if does exist.

Some things will have been moved or list in the transtion so feature requests with use cases/resoning would be a good idea

Are you familiar enough with the API to help with my specific question as to whether the functionality exists?

It doesn’t hence I pointed you to the uservoice

Describes the output of a Video.
It doesn’t contain “tags”

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