Viewing advanced stream information

I’d like to know how to see advanced information about a particular stream. I’d like to see data on the tier of the old MediaInfo days. Is there any way to grab this from a video? Is there like a secret way to see all that data?

Screenshot to illustrate my point:

Does it need to be able to analyze a live stream? Live streams are transmuxed, which happens to remove metadata from the stream, so you can’t read all kinds of things from the chunks.

R1CH has a great tool here for live streams:

If you are just interested in basic stuff you can use the above tool, or dump one or more chunks, then analyze them yourself. If you wish to check more advanced stuff, you’d need to download the first part of a VOD and extract whatever data interests you from it (for example run it through Mediainfo). The first part of the VOD still contains the interesting metadata, if any was present.

R1CH also has a tool for analyzing VODs here:

Thanks man. I’ll be sure to look into it.