Webhook reconnect

I am using the follower webhook in my bot, and now I am asking myself what happens when my bot is shut down or crashed for whichever reason. If I understand the docs correctly, reconnecting with the same callback and topic should give me the messages while the bot was off?
Or do I have to poll the API if the bot skiped some follows?

It depends how long your server was off for, if it was just a short outage then maybe you might get some of the notifications you missed, because when Twitch sends a notification and fails to get a reply from your server it’ll try a few more times with an increasing backoff timer.

If your server was offline for more than just a short outage though, those notifications are lost, Twitch isn’t going to buffer them indefinitely for you just because your server is offline.


Webhooks are supposed to represent real time information.

If your real time receiver goes offline and you boot up again, generally you need to do a poll catch up.

This generally applies to anything webhook like on any platform.

Also I am talking about only 5 minutes or so. But I am going to poll the API.
Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

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