WebHooks API help

Hi, I’m new to backend web programming and I’m doing this just to learn something new.
I want to create a simple website that shows if a list of streams are online and updates in real time. I read the documentation and I understand the webhook API flow. My question is what language/environment should I use to make this simple implementation. Right now I have a NGINX web server, can I just use JQuery or do I need to use PHP/other languages?

Whichever language you damn want :smiley:

It would be difficult to do it in jQuery.

A webhook send a HTTP Post to a web server. Which would be difficult, and probably, impossible to receive in jQuery.

Ideally we are talking something server side to collect incoming webhooks and process them.

You can use pretty much anything to raise the initial API requests to create a Webhook, but you need a server side/backend to receive webhooks and respond to the callback authentication step.

NGINX won’t do anything.

You will need something like PHP/Node to capture and process. Theres a couple of PHP/Node examples floating about on the forums.


  1. Send get create hook to Twitch API
  2. Twitch sends a GET to your server with a string/challenge, you echo the string out as the only thing in the BODY
  3. Twitch sends POST’s to you with a body/payload when events occur.

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