Webhooks Stream Up/Down Notifications Get 403 Response From My Site

So I just finished setting up the subscription flow for Stream Up/Down notifications, and I successfully subscribe, and I receive and return the hub.challenge on my handler page, but I haven’t been getting any notifications when the stream I subscribed for notifications to goes live, so I checked my access logs and I see that an IP who I assume is Twitch is trying to POST data to my handler page when the stream goes live but is getting a 403 response.

Have I set something up incorrectly? Do I have to change a setting in my cPanel to allow the API to POST data to me?

I can POST data just fine from one page on my site to my handler, so the page itself doesn’t seem to be the problem. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Did you setup you callback url to go to


rather than




The first attempts to load the file index for that folder, and a mis configured apache/php will not call PHP

Please show your code, with secrets removed so we can check what you are doing

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Thank you so much for your response. I spent all day trying to figure it out and am glad to report that I managed to get it working and it wasn’t my code exactly that was at fault. I had my .htaccess file configured to prevent spam and that was the problem… I’m just stupid.

So if anyone else is having a problem like this, double check your .htaccess file… Hopefully, my time spent today will help more than just me.

Thanks again.

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That would of been my next guess :smiley:

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