Would a bot get locked out if it responds to 20 PING messages in a short period of time?

If you send more than 20 commands or messages to the server within a 30 second period, you will get locked out for 8 hours automatically.

If I place my bot in hundreds of channels, and these bots all receive PING messages at once or in a short period of time, would my bots all get locked out because it responded with hundreds of PONG messages?

Also on a similar note, if I have multiple bots using the same IP address but different OAUTH tokens and nicknames, would they be able to circumvent the 20 commands per 30 seconds rule by distributing the message load?

AFAIK, currently this limit is disabled but take that with a grain of salt - I believe I read that on another topic posted here.

I think some sort of limit exists because I just got blocked out from the IRC server. I tried using another account and it still didn’t work so I guess the whole distributing the load idea isn’t possible, at least on a single IP address.

:tmi.twitch.tv NOTICE * :Error logging in

This is the error I’m seeing right now. The code used to work fine at a small scale so I’m pretty sure it’s the limit.

Interesting, I currently run a bot that’s in about 100 channels and I’ve yet to have any issues. It’s definitely been stress tested in olofmeister’s channel and fragbitelive’s channel and we’ve had no issues with getting IRC banned.

Have you tried generating a new oauth token for login?

You don’t get ping requests per channel or account, but per connection. You can circumvent the 20msg/30s limit by spawning new connections.

So the pongs should not affect this limit.

@scjosh: I tried again with a new oauth token but it still shows the same ERROR msg on connection.

@Ilivewhiletrue: Hmm I definitely didn’t use any PRIVMSG so I’ll have to take a look at the code again.

Try to log in and chat via browser.

Make sure you proceed in this order:

PASS (dont forget to prefix "oauth:")

This could also be a temporary error not related to a lock-out…? :tmi.twitch.tv NOTICE * :Error logging in when logging in on IRC

Interesting, anyway I found the post I was speaking of where @george mentioned the limit was disabled (this was as of May 3rd). Not sure if he can chime in as to whether or not this is what’s causing your issues, though.

Thank you guys for your help. It turns out I accidentally commented out one line of code that was responsible for logging in. Although the problem was caused by a simple mistake, it was very nice to learn that the 20 msg / 30 sec rule only applies per connection and only for PRIVMSG commands.

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