3 months and still waiting to be approved for Affiliate

Hi everyone, I am posting this in search of some help.

It’s been roughly over 3 months now since I applied for Twitch Affiliate, I did all steps up until the payment plan the first time around.

I have hit restart process about 10 times as of today, but i am still unable to restart my tax interview. I did contact twitch for this matter 2 different times. First time i contacted them it was due to the fact my twitch was glitched and I did not have the option to “start over”. Second time was due to the fact I am unable to do the “Tax Interview” process. They have told me that I need to wait for it to be approved or denied in order to start it over. But honestly after 3+ months of waiting I’m kind of giving up on the idea of even using twitch as a streaming platform, we worked so hard to get those 50 followers and avg views and so forth just to be left waiting for no way to solve this.

My question is to anyone who can help is, is there a way to contact any sort of support where they can assist in helping me fix this. I believe I have done what I can so far to fix my issue from my end. I am unable to restart that process and it honestly shouldn’t take 3 plus months for someone to review a tax form and approve or deny it. Does anyone have any idea as to who I should be contacting for the next steps of assisting me solve this problem?

Thank you in advance for any information. Anything would help at this point, or do you guys think I should just give up on twitch?

This is a developer community, no one here is able to help you with account related issues, such as affiliate status. The only way to get support for things like this is through a support ticket https://help.twitch.tv/s/contactsupport and if they are telling you to wait then there’s nothing you can do but to be patient and wait.

My mistake, Thank you.