Add/Change html inside twitch emebed iframe


I have a problem with my embed player, i’ll try to add a button on it but i can’t change or add html/css inside the iframe, i think it’s due to policy security of it.

Would it be possible to add html inside this iframe?

I tryed a second solution :
I placed my button in absolute above the player, the problem is the hover animations.

Let me explain: my button is in opacity 0 when I hover my iframe I switch it to opacity 1 no problem at this level, but when I hover my button I am no longer in hover on my iframe so the controls disappear.

Would there be a function to trigger the display of controls?

Thanks by advence, sorry for my bad english.

Modifying the Twitch Embed is a violation of the Twitch Developer Agreement

Do not modify, replace, interfere with, block, cover, or obscure: (a) the functionality of embeddable experiences, including advertisements within the player; or (b) the Twitch Marks

thanks, i will put my button outside it