Added disclosures for Extensions in a testing state

We’ve made a few updates related to how Extensions in a testing state are experienced on Twitch. Starting today, when an Extension is in any state pre-approval and release on the Extension Manager, you will see a new disclosure both in the Extension Manager and on the Channel Page. Any account you also place on the Testing Whitelist for your Extension will see these disclosures.

We do not expect this to cause additional work on your part to support these disclosures, but we want you to be aware of this update. Please see the examples below.

In the Extension Manager

There will be a disclosure on the Extension Card from the “Invite Only” tab. It explains that the Extension has not yet been approved by Twitch and includes a link to “How to Use Extensions” for more details.


When viewing the Details Page, we also show a disclosure.

On the Channel Page

Upon loading a Channel Page, a viewer will see a prompt to accept or decline the use of the test Extension. Should someone on your test whitelist decline use, the Extension will not load. We do not persist the viewer’s choice, so a test viewer will always be able to accept use of the Extension simply by refreshing their browser. Below are examples of this prompt for a overlay, component, and panel Extension.

Video Extensions (Component and Overlay)

Panel Extensions