Analytics of Single Stream

Good day forum!

I’m writing to find out what data twitch provides through an API of a single stream. I went through the documentation and google a bit but I’m being constantly attacked by third party “analytics” that consist of obsolete for me data such as “max viewers”.

What I’m interested in is the data such as; the time range on a single stream where chat has been unusually engaged, perhaps the most replayed moments, and the time range where most subscriptions or donations have happened.

I understand that this might be the most basic question, but as one of my managers said; ask for a hand as soon as you write the title of an RFC document, so here I am.


Found this; Customer Support. Is this data available through an API?

The Get Streams endpoint will return data about a stream at the current point in time, if you wish to get data over time you’ll have to periodically poll that endpoint.

For chat activity, you’d need to connect to chat and track that sort of data yourself as it happens.

EventSub Can also provide a lot of data on various topics in near real-time.

No, the API does not provide historical data or summaries. You will need to collect and store that data yourself as it happens.

There is some historical data such as the existence of VoDs, or Clips, and their various details such as views, but that’s about it.

Thanks @Dist for the response!

I’m not that brave and definitely do not have enough resources to track the stream data as it happens. I don’t know the domain language, what I’m looking for is such data on a stream that already happened.

There are no API endpoints for data about past streams.

If you want data for past streams you will need to go to your channels dashboard, and in the Analytics tab you can click the Export Data button.

If I understand right, I’d have to treat the already finished streams as if they are happening live and query for appropriate data second by second, store it and analyse as I please.

Is there an example of data exported by this functionality?

The exported CSV contains per day values for: Average Viewers, Follows, Minutes Streamed, Minutes Watched, Live Views, Max Viewers, Unique Views, Hosts and Raids Viewers (%), Chatters, Chat Messages, Clips Created, Clip Views.

There’s no way to get over-time data for past streams through the API. All you would know is that a VoD exists, how many views it currently has, etc… There’s no way for you to know chat activity, viewership over time, or anything like that unless you captured that data every minute for example as that stream happened.

Alright I understand, thanks @Dist ! Although this confuses me; Twitch Help Portal; this view for a stream summary as stated in the description provides

View which moments in your stream netted you the most follows and subs, when clips were created, when viewers peaked, and much more.

This is available only through the twitch platform (meaning; not through API, but available for past streams) or it’s for streamers to view while the stream is happening?

On a positive note; “…Clips Created, Clip Views” - this pleases me, thank you for this!

You can go to the analytics tab for your channels dashboard and see for yourself the data it provides and the streams it has tracked.

As that is all first party though it’s beyond the scope of this forum as this is a community for 3rd party developers integrating with the API and various 3rd party products. You’ll have better support using the Twitch site itself by following the help guides and contacting Twitch Support if you need assistance.

I understand. Thanks for your assistance!

One point that I was interested in has been covered, although I haven’t explicitly wrote about it. Nice support from your side, thanks!

I’ll go on a venture to the support, perhaps they can assist me with my query as you said!