Anonymous Sub Gifting to Launch 11/15 - Launch Details

Hi Everyone!

We have been quietly testing and are ready to launch Anonymous Sub Gifting on Twitch at 1:30PM PST (UTC -8) on 11/15/2018!

The documentation has been updated with the implementation details for the product but here are some of the highlights:

  • Users can buy gift subs and community gift subs without any recognition or link to their account
  • Users will not earn sub gifter badges
  • Users will not increment their “total gifts in channel” counter

In testing, we did realize there was a slight oversight on our part in terms of the pubsub and usernotice, specifically:

  • We added the context “anonsubgift” to the channel-subscribe-events-v1 topic which does not have a sender
  • We added the msg-id “anonsubgift” to the user-notice which defaults the sender to the channel owner

Because most of you aren’t listening to new/undocumented contexts and msg-ids, this will be a problem for trigger alerts and chat events at launch.

So for launch we are reverting the change as a temporary solution, specifically

Anonymous gifting added 3 new usernotices:

  • anonsubgift (non-anon counterpart: subgift)
  • anonsubmysterygift (" " submysterygift)

For launch tomorrow we will not be using anonsubgift or anonsubmysterygift for anonymous purchases, but instead are sending them as subgift or submysterygift usernotices coming from a specific user AnAnonymousGifter (userID: 274598607).

We will also be sending a secondary pubsub with the traditional subgift context, again with the sender being AnAnonymousGifter (userID: 274598607).

We will work closely with all of you to determine the best time to switch to the new model with anonsubgift anonsubmysterygift and to turn off the additional pub sub. We are currently aiming to deprecate the temporary solution in 30 days.
If you have any questions, comments, or feedback to these updates, please leave comments below on this topic.



I assume the third (but undocumented) user notice that is mentioned in this post is anongiftpaidupgrade?

We will be updating the documentation soon, we’ve added 2 user notices, 1 during Subtember and 1 now that talk about users who upgrade.


@badges=staff/1,broadcaster/1,subscriber/0,turbo/1;color=#0000FF;display-name=TWW2;emotes=;id=1babc267-98f1-4d42-aee6-29f2f8880b22;login=tww2;mod=0;msg-id=giftpaidupgrade;msg-param-sender-name=djfluffkins;msg-param-sender-login=djfluffkins;room-id=13405587;subscriber=1;turbo=1;user-id=13405587;user-type=staff :[]( USERNOTICE #tww2

Essentially this is someone upgrading a gift sub to paid and highlighting the user who gifted it to them. We’ll provide this and the anonymous details as well soon.

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Is this giftpaidupgrade replicated on pubsub?

giftpaidupgrade is not replicated on pubsub.

Any plans for it to be?

Or am I gonna have to grab that from chat?

Pubsub is currently double sending…

The second ismissing the anon username/displayname

Thanks for reporting, I believe we have fixed it so we have anonsubgift and subgift and the anonsubgift is being sent without any sender information.