App Access Token Limits on EventSub


How does App Access Token affects the eventSub?

If I use app access token X to subscribe to an event and later on request a new app access token Y, what will happen to the eventSub that uses app access token X?

  1. Will it continue to work until the app access token X expires? or it will stop working the moment I requested a new app access token Y?

  2. How many days will the app access token X be valid once I requested the new app access token Y?

  3. Is there a limit to how many active/working app access tokens can I have?

I’m currently working on automating the renewal of the app access token when it’s near to its expiration date and resub every user to use the new app access token, delete their current sub and create a new one.


The subscription stays active.
if the token dies the sub stays active

if you generate a new access token the old access token will remain working until it expires.
Unless you generate 50 tokens then when you generate 51 it forces kills the 1st.

Eventsub Subscriptions remain active regardless

Until it expires, use the validate endpoint to check time left on a given token


You don’t have to resub…

You can

  • generate a token
  • create a subscription
  • revoke the token

And the subscription remains active.

You don’t have to do this

once created a subscription remains active regardless of the validatiy of the access token

Ohh wow that’s great to hear

For this one, if I’m deleting the subscription, is it important to match their app access token? Like if I use the X token should I also use X token to delete it or it does not matter as long as I use a valid token?

App access tokens represent your ClientID.

it the token has expired, you just generate a new token and delete away

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