Autentication plugin and Chats

I have a website with embedded videos and chats and a plugin for the user to log in and authenticate through Twitch. But even authenticated by Twitch, the chat asks to log in to Twitch through the browser.
Is there any way that with just the authentication of my plugin he can be logged in to speak in Twitch chats?

If you embed chat using the documented Embeds Twitch tiself handles security, login and access.

You cannot pass in an authentication token for the embed to utilize.

The alternative is to build an entire chat experience/client and not use the chat embed.

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Thanks for the reply, Barry.
This chat experience/client have a request limit? Because I think I will have multiple chats and simultaneous users.
Is there any place with documentation on the subject?
Thank you again!

full IRC/Chat documentation and rate limits is here Chat & Chatbots | Twitch Developers

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