Authentication recently stopped working for an account

Hello, I have two chat bots, running on basically identical chat connection code. Recently one of them has been refusing to connect, the other one still works fine. Could I inquire into the state of the affected account? Account name is twitch_plays_chess_

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What error are you getting when you try to connect, and have you validated the OAuth token to ensure it’s still valid?

I went back to the developer portal to regenerate the client secret for the application, which I presume was the place where I generated the OAuth token years back. I also created a new application and that also doesn’t connect. I am using the twitchio API wrapper, which is reporting to me that it is just timing out, no response. The other chat bot running on the same machine is operating fine, so I don’t think I’m IP blocked, I think something might be up with the account.

Get the token you are using and use a validator such as Token Checker | Twitch API Example which implements the validation API

The dashboard/developer portal has never had token generation capabilties and a client secret is not a token.

Some libraries will report “no response from twitch” rather than a “token is invalid” error. So not sure what the library is or is not doing

Alright, so I definitely clear forgot how I had gotten the token a year+ ago, and also these tokens last a very long time. Took myself through a journey of refreshing my memory, and I’ll probably forget what I did the next time a twitch oauth token expires again, but I’m back to connecting again.

In case I find this thread in the future, go to

It is not recommended to use 3rd party token generators, as if anything was to happen with that 3rd party it could compromise or revoke your tokens at any time and without warning. You should follow the Authentication Docs and create/refresh your own tokens.

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