[BETA] Timeout reasons & durations


We are experimenting with timeout reasons. This means a mod is able to send a timeout along with a reason for it.

To send it:

/timeout xantest 600 stop spamming
/ban xantest stop spamming

Received through TMI:

@ban-duration=600;ban-reason=stop\sspamming :tmi.twitch.tv CLEARCHAT #xangold :xantest
@ban-reason=stop\sspamming :tmi.twitch.tv CLEARCHAT #xangold :xantest

The site js is also exposing it through the clearchat event. Please note that CLEARCHAT is seen by all clients, so the timeout reasons are not private, and any client can technically see them. There hasn’t been any front-end work by us to support this yet.

Low risk for change:
While I don’t see any reason we would change the sending portion, if we alter the /timeout formatn, we’ll post here with any updates you’d need to make to your application.

We’re looking for your feedback, and interested in how you would use this feature.

EDIT: This is now on production.


Are you going to switch from ban_reason to ban-reason 2 months down the line again like you did with display_name and display-name (and all others with an underscore in them)?


Is the plan to keep exposing the message through clearchat? As it stands, I would still prefer to timeout + followup whisper

@theroflcoptr Tell your mods not to use the reason feature then. Timeout your rule breakers and follow up with a whisper like you currently do

He’s more asking for first party support of private ban reasons instead of “abusing” whispers for that purpose.

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I think exposing the reason to everyone would be beneficial, so everyone knows what rule was broken.

Conversely, I’m not really interested in potentially sparking discussions about rules. I prefer to timeout/ban, and try to move on instead of talking about it. If the person that was banned wants to talk about it privately, that’s fine.

Ideally, this feature could be configured to be public/private on a per-something basis. (Channel? User? Not sure). I’m not going to hold my breath though :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really mind it being public. Is there harm in it that I’m not seeing? It’s not like it’s exposing who did the timeout, just why.

Will be migrating to “ban-reason” and “ban-duration” shortly. Sorry, blanked on that :smile:

For our v1, we are attaching it to CLEARCHAT, which is publicly accessible, but not exposed in our vanilla UI anywhere (extensions can use it however they feel best).

It’s unclear if exposing it to all users that want it is the best course of action, but we will start with that.

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No, I don’t see any actual harm. I would just prefer it to be private.

Whispers were not meant for bots to use for private notices from chat, which is why they are a separate UI. Nobody here is saying that ban reasons are being shown to anyone but the target user in the chat UI. The warning from Aaron merely stated that the reason is not private over the IRC chat connection, which in my opinion is fine. This is the lowest-hanging fruit for (in my opinion) a much needed feature.

I said nothing about bots, I was talking about myself for once.

Let’s not pretend the messages will be kept out of the chat UI. I have a feeling that one of those 3rd party browser extensions (cough) will be adding the ban reasons to the chat UI before too long. Doesn’t matter if Twitch does it officially, that information is exposed to the chat client; it’s not private over any connection.

Will the reason also be saved and displayed to the user at a later point, like when they try to chat despite them being timed out/banned?

I’m excited CLEARCHAT is finally getting tags, but if someone gets a ban (not timeout), what would be the number shown in the ban-duration tag?

From what I’ve seen the ban-duration tag is simply not there for bans.

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It would be better if the tag would say something like ban-duration=0 to indicate that particular CLEARCHAT message was a ban

General chat users would want to see any tid bit when it comes to timeouts/bans, but I believe broadcasters specifically would appreciate the information of who performs timeouts real time. My main broadcaster asks that frequently.


+1, knowing who do a timeout would be a great information for broadcasters !


It would also be neat for mods to see this, so they know if it was performed by a bot, how long time it was for etc.

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I’m not sure what sort of info should be available to normal chat users, but I think allowing mods/broadcasters to see the reason (and ideally the mod who issued the command too) would be very helpful to me as then it would be simple to log all bans/timeouts along with mod who issued it and reason which would make unban requests a lot simpler and allow broadcasters to monitor what mods have been doing.