Bot uses own channel emotes

Is it possible to let the bot using own channel emotes without sub?

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This help guide might be of interest: scroll to Lifetime Channel Bot Subscriptions

If a user is an affiliate or better the user has a free sub to itself.

I suspect you mis worded your query :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is it possible without a lifetime sub?
Let’s say im streaming and the bot is pretending to be me in the chat? (using my acc simultaneously)

The the bot is logged in as you

The user the script is logged in as is you. And thus can use emotes.

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Once a lifetime subscription is granted, it is not possible to remove. That user will be subscribed to your channel indefinitely. The user will also not receive subscription notifications every month, though the loyalty badges will still reflect correctly.

β†’ Does it also counts for the bot?
β†’ Can the bot use bit emotes?

A bot is just a regular Twitch User

A script is what runs a bot.

If a script logs in as you then the script can use whatever emotes you have
If the script logs in as another user then the script can use whatever emotes are unlocked on that user.

if the user has access to bit emotes as that user has used bits then the script can use bit emotes.

The script can use whatever emotes the user the script logs in as has access to.

So in order to use bit emotes, the script must be using my acc or it has to invest some bits.
Is that correct?

The user that the script logs in as needs to have unlocked those emotes yes.

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Thank u :smiley:

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