Broken extension stuck in limbo (Or why we need to be able to roll back)

So I released a version of my extension that had a small bug in it, specifically in the configuration menu. Basically if you hadn’t configured the extension before it fails whenever you try to save. Some bad scripting on my part that got completely missed in testing because everyone that tested already had saved configurations. Added that test to my list for future releases, no big deal so far.

That said, my extension has been in review for several days now and no new users have been able to set the extension up. In most environments you would do the simple thing and roll back to a prior release. The problem is that there is no ability to do so, which means until the new version with the bug fix gets approved for release my extension is broken for any new users that try to install it and I have literally nothing I can tell the few that actually email me other than “I have a fix ready I just can’t release it until Twitch says so” which is especially frustrating since rolling back to the prior release would at least let people use the extension.