Bulk Live Detection

Hello there!

Im looking for the best way to determine whether a bulk amount (hundreds or thousands) of streamers are live or not at any given time. Can someone provide some direction on this?

I have considered building an async script that loops and queries for all users every couple of minutes, but that doesn’t seem to scale very well. It would also put my site/app over the API query limit very quickly.

I would love some direction from Twitch, or the community. Is there currently a good way to accomplish this at scale?


The Get Streams endpoint supports 100 user_id or user_login per request, so even with thousands of channels it can still be checked quickly and for minimal rate limit usage.

Another option would be EventSub, where your server can subscribe to the stream.online and stream.offline topics to receive notifications for when those channels start/stop their stream.

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Perfect! I was hoping for something like that. Thank you so much.

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