Can existing extensions with Helix API calls be safely updated despite new OAuth requirements?

Twitch dev responded to this question on Twitter and confirmed existing extensions CAN be updated without issue! The January 31st cutoff date pertains only to extensions 1st releases

I am asking with regards to this:

Originally, the plan was for extension specific functionality - to allow the continuing use of front end Helix calls in extensions - to be announced by 30th June. Earlier this month, that deadline was removed and now there is no deadline at all.

Does that mean, if I have an existing extension making Helix calls that I can not update that extension and continue using those calls?

A couple of my extensions have been in limbo as a result of this new requirement since the cut off on January 30th, I was hopeful that by now there would be an announcement on what I would need to change in them (if anything) to get them working with the new requirements, but now it sounds like they are stuck in an un-updateable state (unless I choose to refactor them to make server side calls, which is something I was really hoping would not be necessary).

If I am misunderstanding and I can update these extensions making use of the same front end APIs then awesome! Please let me know if that’s the case. If not, then are there any alternatives for me other than 1. refactor and use a server or 2. wait for Twitch to announce an extension specific approach?

Thanks all