Can only send messages if modded

Im not quite sure if I am at the right place to ask this, but I tried to create a very basic chatbot and stumbled upon a problem I cant explain. If I send a message and I am modded, it works just fine, but if I am not modded in the channel, my bot cant send any messages, even if the message is just a simple !ping.

If the message fails to send you should get a suitable warning via notice. (Am on mobile not 100% it’s by notice. Check the docs)

Sounds like the channel is in followers only and the bot doesn’t follow the channel

Following or unfollowing hasnt made any difference and I double checked, that the channel is not in followers only mode. What I did notice though, is that sometimes my message gets through, which confuses me further.

I know that the following applies:
“If you send more than 20 commands or messages to the server within 30 seconds, you will be locked out for 30 minutes.”

When I ping my bot, it replies and if I ping it 3 seconds afterwards again, it doesnt.

I non modded user cannot send the same message to a channel within 30 seconds. It raises a notice. Saying “stop repeating yourself”

I have been using a third party client that automatically avoids this for so long, that I completly forgot about it. What a dumb mistake. Thanks for your help!

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