Can something notify me when someone enters my stream?

How can i setup a sound to play or something to know when I have someone enter my stream? I’m planning on streaming, but i only have one monitor and no way to see chat box and keep my project on screen. Any ideas here? thanks!


Should you do this, no.

Leave the lurkers lurk, lurkers do not like being called out and will actually leave your stream if they are called out


Sounds like you might benefit from setting up a notification sound whenever someone sends a message on your channel. It’s definitely possible and you’ll find a lot of IRC clients support that out of the box.

It’s absolutely possible as - like already mentioned in the comment above me - you get “JOIN” messages on the IRC connection to the chat which you can then use for whateer suits you.

A more easy solution would be (and many streamers actually do this) is to have the chat open on your phone or tablet and having that somewhere in sight. As you really only need to see people that are actuall being active chat (“let lurkers lurk”), that should do just fine.

That only works for small streams. After 1000 users you no longer receive join messages.

After a 1000 you probably don’t wanna be notified about when someone joins in this use case though :stuck_out_tongue:

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