Can't create New Extension - Fails on Naming

Hi there.

I have been working on an extension with a personal twitch account and wanted to create this now with the Streaming Account that we are going to use.

When I login to and click the Start an Extension, I can enter a Name but no matter what I select (obviously not the Words Extension, Twitch or Glitch as indicated) I still always get the message:

Sorry, an error occurred when submitting the field on this page. Please double check the name field and then try saving changes again.

I even tried with my personal account where I already have my extension but get the same message. Is it currently not possible to create new extensions?


Theres no reason or benefit to changing which account “owns” the extension.

If you need you extension to be allow listed, use the allow list fields as needed, which you would need to do if the extension is owned by your “Streaming” account instead of “personal” account

I’m assuming you are using a different name to the one on the personal account?

If so sounds like a recurrance of Developer Console - Can't add new application · Issue #634 · twitchdev/issues · GitHub which is unfortunate

Ok thank you Barry… I thought when users are going to Install the Extension they will see my other personal account rather than the Account that we use to stream. I am using a different name yes since i created the Extension with “TestRFauster” back then :wink:

anyhow… It really seems I got the issue you listed :frowning:

The Extension install page will display the “Author Name” you enter for a given extension.

So for example:

But all 5 are “owned” by my Twitch Account.

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