Can't whisper new people

Hello, I’m a moderator for hotted89 and he does giveaways fairly often on his stream for subscribers. I had a list of people I had to whisper of 60 people, and after the first 28 I can no longer whisper new people. Anyone at all. It’s… frustrating. How do I fix it?

You got caught by the whisper spam prevention.

For THAT MANY whispers you should be PM’ing instead.

PM-ing is also way more reliable in terms of actually getting responses/delivering prizes.

As @BarryCarlyon said, you have been hit by spam filters. If you go to this link:

and type in the users and your message so they all get the message at the same time, then notify them in the chat that they need to check there direct messages.


Correct, but I highly disagree about PMs. People are much more likely to notice the new whisper notification that sticks on pretty much every page on the site until you read it.

This, basically. I want the answer within the day, not next month when they realise they have a message.

Naturally but at that volume of sending PMS and yelling at the winner in chat works best I think.

Especially if you have a fixed policy of doing GA’s and support bot commands that tell the winner to check their PM’s
Said policy can then be @'ed users with a bot command or included in a profile box below the stream.

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