Category for a game I worked on went missing

Hey there!
I worked on a game in the “Cartomancy Anthology” and often liked to search the game on Twitch to see if anybody recently played it. But now it seemed to totally disappear. It’s on IGDB:
(It’s kind of similar to the Dread X Collection, where all the game are part of one whole. I was a little worried it got removed for being a “collection” type game or something?)

The linked game Cartomancy Anthology is marked as a bundle.

Bundles are (generally) not ingested to Twitch from IGDB

So the game(s) in the bundle should/will exist instead Thanks, Come Again - Twitch

To get a bundle to exist on Twitch will require a uservoice:

I’m a bit confused, these games are not available outside of this anthology, and the anthology itself exists as a game on Steam, working similarly to the Dread X Collections which each have their own categories. Also the games inside are short and tend to be played in sequence, I feel like it would be best for a player to be able to set their category to the anthology itself instead of having to change category each time it switches to a new game.

Then you need to request Twitch to add your “bundle” as a category via the UserVoice I linked.

At time of writing is set as a Main Game so was ingested as such.

What I mean is, I think it shouldn’t be listed as a bundle because it is sold as a standalone game.

That needs to be taken up with IGDB via modifying the record or visting their discord.

But the record has a “child” listed game under it to form the bundle. So sicne it has a child game it is a bundle.

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