Channel-commerce-events-v1 by pubsub

I would like to receive events for Channel points reward redemptions, but I have problems with the OAuth token. I’ve checked a couple of Topics here and just to put the records straight: is it true, that the token has to be approved by the channel owner/broadcaster (implicitly)?


Also you need channel-points-channel-v1.<channel_id> not commerce :stuck_out_tongue:

Also you need channel-points-channel-v1.<channel_id>

my bad :slightly_smiling_face:
So eventually, I need a broadcaster approval for receiving the very same information, I can get by parsing the chat in browser (w/o broadcaster’s approval beeing required).
That seems to me not quite strict from the abstract point of view “information flow”.
But thnx for clarifying and replying that fast.

Not quite.

Only redeems that require a chat message show up over chat/IRC and not all redeems will do that.

What the first party product does with data differs with how third parties are allowed to consume the same data. Since not all broadcasters will want some random dev collecting their rewards information. Hence the controls for third party in comparison to first party

in the browser chat frame, all kind of redeems are shown.

Since not all broadcasters will want some random dev collecting …

yes, you have a point. While I guess, most broadcasters do not even know about the difference …

But as a bot, a chat bot can only capture ones that have chat messages.

Which was what I thought you were referring to.


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