Channel moderation tools

  1. Do we get new APIs + documentation for this functionality? It would be great to see this integrated in 3rd party clients asap.
    (@CBenni any chance to get this integrated in your website? Perhaps adding new comments would also add them on Twitch, and vice-versa. It would be great to have all logs and comments in one place. Or if you plan to discontinue your tool, would there be a way to download data associated to a channel? Thanks! :slight_smile: )

  2. A bit of user feedback: it’s hard to correlate a mod comment to a user’s message especially since there is no search functionality for the user’s messages / timeouts / bans and scrolling up through days or months of logs is not feasible (especially true in spammy chats with bots purging messages every other second).

First of all, this is the dev forums and not meant for product feedback or general questions, but ill answer the question regardless.
There is no API announced for this yet and for all my currently available public information, is not planned either (that is information that is several months old however, so dont count on that)

If twitch decides to expose some kind of API, I will definitely be looking at integrations.
As for my own software, I refer you to my announcement on that matter I made a couple of weeks ago. The logviewer is a huge superset of what twitch implemented and has a future as a standalone tool.