Chat bot needs to reject some incoming replies

I have a chat bot that sends questions to a chat room that has a number of user. Lets say 20 users.

I want to send a question to the members to the room and to take the first 10 replies and do an analysis on those replies and then send a new question. The issue I see is that I cannot know if some of the next set of received replies are replies from the first question. Note that not all the user may reply to each question.

I thought of sending an invalid command just before sending the next question and then reject all replies until the chat bot receives the INVALID command reply, but this seems farther like a kludge. I also thought that instead of the invalid command sending a stats command with the “u” option or a time command or an ISON command with a invalid nick and reject all replies until receiving the response… Again all these still seem like a kludge. Also as Twitch does not guarantee the order of messages, I still may get some wrong and Twitch may not support these commands

Any ideas how to do this?

Have them use the actual reply functionality so you know what message it’s linked to and ignore the rest?

First, thanks for your reply to my post. However, I cannot find any reference to “reply functionality” in the Twitch documentation. Can you post a pointer to where this functionality is documented please?

Is this an option that can be set in the chat room or a part of the IRC protocol? Or maybe I just do not understand how Twitch works!!

That seems like the best option to be sure they are really replying to a specific question and not being slow, e.g., not realizing their chat is scrolled up and responding to a question from 10 minutes ago.

Thanks for taken the time to reply. I am not sure which option you are referring to, when you said “that seem like the best option”. If you are referring to the “reply functionality”, I cannot find any documentation on what this means.

You have to request the Tags with CAP REQ then every message has tags. After that you save the msg-id of your question and only work with answers that have the @reply-parent-msg-id=xyz tag

Replying to a chat message” isn’t good enough? That is what I linked you because it’s what you asked for.

Sorry, I missed the link you had provided in your first reply to me. Thanks for the clarification. Yes, it looks like I need to use tags and the ID associated with that.

Thanks for your reply, I did not see that TAGS have an ID. That will solve my issue. Thanks again.

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