Chatbot and 353 user message

If a chat bot joins a chat room that already has (for example) 600 users and each user name is on average 10 characters long, will twitch send a 353 message that is over 6000 characters long, or will it break it up into multiple messages?

If it breaks it up into multiple messages, how long could each message be?

You can read everything her: Twitch IRC Membership Messages | Twitch Developers

You will get one message (JOIN) per User but not in “realtime”. They are a bit delayed and sometimes you don’t get everything (if there are about 1 thousand or more users in the chat).

First, thanks for your reply. The link you provide relates to a chat bot that has requested membership capability. When this is requested, twitch will send a JOIN or PART message when a user joins or leaves the chat. I am looking for an answer for a 353 message which is sent when the chat bot first joins the chat room.

It’ll break up into multiple messages.

At connection you’ll generally get

As many 353's as needed

So you will get one or more 353 messages.
And then recieving a 366 will indicate that you have recieved all the NAMES.

I suspect that Twitch is compliant with the IRC RFC here, since this is to maintain some level of compliancy with regular IRC clients. So the max length should confirm to what the RFC suggests for max lenght of a single 353 message.

But I just ignore 353/366 since I utilise Get Chatters if I need chatters

Thanks for the reply. That is what I had hoped the answer would be.

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