Check Streamer online requests per minute limit

Hello everybody,
I’m developing a website that I would like to show many streamers and if they are online/offline, what game they are playing and etc.

My concern is that I read somewhere that there is a requests per minute limit. And maybe I have thousands of them.

Is there any way to not have a limit for this type of request?

Do you have any example code for this in php or jquery here on twitich developers or on the internet?

The ratelimit is 800 requests per minute, and each request to Get Streams supports 100 channels, so you could request 80,000 channels per minute, or if you have more channels than that you could poll every 5 minutes and get 400,000 channels.

Alternatively, you could use EventSub and on your server subscribe to the and stream.offline types to see when those channels go online and offline. If the channels you’re wishing to track haven’t authed to your app, you’ll be limited to 10,000 subscriptions though.

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