Checking if a username is subscribed to a Twitch channel

It’s my first time coding something with Twitch, and I need to check if a Twitch username is subscribed to a Twitch channel, but the user shouldn’t have to get any weird codes. If required, the streamer can give me a OAuth code/client id.

My users need to input their Twitch username in my app, and if they’re subscribed I need to execute some code. I don’t need month counts or anything else, just a true/false.

If in any way it helps I’m using Python with the Twitch-Python API (GitHub - PetterKraabol/Twitch-Python: Object-oriented Twitch API for Python developers)

Sorry if this has already been asked, but I can’t find any answers relative to what I need.

You can use the Get Broadcaster Subscriptions endpoint to get a list of subs to a particular broadcaster that has gone through your apps OAuth flow and so you’ve gotten an OAuth token from with the channel:read:subscriptions scope.

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