Configuring Twitch With Spring boot for Oauth

getting this error while clicking on link to login through Twitch the hyper link clicked id :

The Properties provided

Getting this error
{“status”:400,“message”:“missing response type”}

This would suggest a bug or issue with the library “Spring Boot”

as it’s not added a response_type to the URL generated for starting the oAuth flow

For information on the userflow for oAuth see: Getting OAuth Access Tokens | Twitch Developers

Thanks for your reply . But can you guide upon that there is anything I am missing the configuration part ?

or I have to pass all these parameters in the hyperlink clicked by user or it will automatically pick from properties file?

You are asking a question specific about a library which would be better suited to ask in Spring Boot’s support routes.

So I have no idea if spring boot is configured correctly.

Ok thanks for guiding .

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