Copy to clipboard within extension


I built my extension using React and added a simple share button. The behavior of the button is that if you click on it, it will automatically copy the share link to your clipboard. Optionally you can right click and copy that link. Everything works fine locally, however when running the extension on the a stream I am unable to copy or right click :frowning: Is there any extra setup I should do or perhaps an alternative suggestion?

Thank you!

JS functions to write to the clipboard might not work right. (Haven’t tested them myself, I leave it to positive action from the users clipboard.)

Tested the an example JS Function to write to clipboard it’s blocked by policy. So a text area with a select all, and user doing ctrl+c or right click copy is the alternative

But theres nothing that would block right click from occuring.

So that sounds like a issue in your JS.

So trace in console for errors and issues.

Heres a live panel extension showing working right click

and a video one for good measure

Thanks @BarryCarlyon! In my case, I’m also able to copy when selecting text like your examples. I’ll change my strategy!