Copyright of Twitch Steamer Avatars

Hello Dear Community,

i already read the Terms of service. But I’m not quite sure, if I am allowed to show Avatars from Streamers on my website? Does anyone has an idea and can clarify this question?

Similar to this website.

Kind regards Max

Use in appropriate contexts generally constitutes fair use. But you should definitely consult a lawyer to be sure in your specific case, if you are concerned.

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@DevMcGee Hey first of all thank you for the quick response. This gives me hope :smiley:
Does it matter its a commercial website?

Whether a work is used in a commercial capacity is not a factor in determining fair use. How it affect the market for the original work is a factor.

There are plenty of better resources than a Twitch-specific developer forum. Consider reading e.g., Measuring Fair Use: The Four Factors - Copyright Overview by Rich Stim - Stanford Copyright and Fair Use Center. Again, to be sure, you’ll have to consult a lawyer.

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