Created clips are not appearing under "Recommended", just under "All"


i have written a tool in C# which creates clips.
Its working fine, its reacting on a gloal hotkey and is creating a clip with delay.
Hereby i am calling{channelId}&has_delay=true (channelId is set, its just a placeholder here)

Like already said everyone works, with one exception.
Wheen i go to my clips, they are not appearing directly.
Me (and also all my viewers) can just see them, when filtering for “all”.
By default “recommended” is preselected.
Since there is no further parameter in the call i am asking why it is like this?

When i create clips on my streamdeck they are appearing under “recommended”.
I cant imagine that the streamdeck addon does such different things.

Do you guys have an idea?

PS: Right after posting it (sometimes best ideas come when writing :D) i had an idea, maybe my app is set up wrong. It was on “website integration” with http://localhost. But now i switched to “application integration”. Maybe this helps, will try it out tonight. But maybe anyway someone has also another idea. I will report also if it worked or not.

Sounds like you are referring to how does the first party algorightm decide what to recommend

No idea. It’s outside of the realm of the third party developers Discord.

Its not about when watching clips. Its about when managing them.
Its not about any algorithm here at all, but a filter.
Just take a look into you channel manager > content > clips and you can see the filter on the top right (here its german, but i think you know what i mean)


I am NOT talking about recommended similar videos when watching clips.

Same difference, recommended is still “clips the algo thinks are good” what makes a clip appear in recommended (either in the front end or the dashboard) is outside the realms of the third party developer support routes because it’s first party.

I don’t think you’d get an answer from Twitch on it either if there was a place to ask them.

It’s still algo powered.

The type of application is irrelevant it doesn’t do/change anything, it just hints to Twitch Staff what you use the ClientID and generated tokens for, but doesn’t have any mechanical functionality that changes behaviour

A clip is a clip is a clip regardless of the method used to create it.

Creating a clip via the website, calls the clip service and it makes a clip
Creating a clip via the API, calls the clip service and it makes a clip
Creating a clip streamdeck, just creates a clip via the API, calls the clip service and it makes a clip

Regardless of the entry point it all calls the internal clip service.

So why does a clip not show up in recommended, no idea, I guess the algorithm decided it wasn’t worth recommending.

So you want to tell me EVERY clip i create via streamdeck is recommended and EVERY clip i create with my tool is not? Sounds not very algorithm like to be honest, more like “it is so, because it is so” and maybe the app from streamdeck got the priority to do this and mine not. Also ALL my clips created from my viewers are. So its just the ones from my tool. Cant believe its really algorithm, which in my opinion would create recommended because of specific values (length, rating, etc.). This looks more like a fix setup, which is not really an algorithm in my eyes

Since there is no further parameter in the call i am asking why it is like this?

The default view will be your most recent “Recommended” Clips. At launch, a “recommended” Clip is one that a Clip curator has saved with a unique title. Clips with unique titles have been proven to drive better viewer outcomes and more views overall than those that do not have a unique title.

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