Detailed stats from dashboard

Hi everyone,

We’re making an app for stream statistics - server only, there’s no client app. Steamers will be able to check the stats on an aggregate web (together with some other non-Twitch stats).

We were told by someone from Twitch that it’s possible to get the detailed stats (available on in Dashboard > Stats) through a PHP call which is apparently not the part of the API. Can someone point me in the direction of any documentation on how to use this?

Thanks in advance!

Edit/add: we expect the user would need to log in to the web/app with their Twitch pw.

The only way you can access some sort of stats/data would be through the Twitch API. I might be wrong but I haven’t come across any other way of obtaining any detailed stats/data other than the Twitch API.

Only way I can think of obtaining these detailed stats which are in a Twitch users dashboard would be by obtaining a access token and then using this token to get stats using the Twitch API.

Click here to find out how you obtain a access token for your application.

Thanks. We were counting on the user needing to authenticate the app, but we haven’t found information about those detailed stats in the API.

So I’m assuming those are just not available?

I actually heard that too, apparently a recent update in the API allows to have access to all information in the dashboard (like unique visitors), can anyone please confirm and let us know how to do this? It doesn’t seem to be indicated anywhere in the API doc.


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