Detecting in- and outgoing raid events at the same time [Solved / User error]

Hi there!

I am using the EventSub notifications for quite some time now. For example, to react to an incoming raid. Now I also want to react to when my own channel raiding another channel actually starts.

I thought that subscribing to the EventSub twice with the type, but one time with the from_boradcaster_user_id and one time with the to_broadcaster_user_id would be sufficient, but the second subscription just gets rejected with the error “subscription already exists”.

How do I properly do it?

That should be sufficent.

And what I do.

I have one subscription with to and one subscription with from to track both.

So lets check the payloads you are sending for both and work from there.

Thank you for confirming the process. This brought me to further investigating the issue. Turned out I didnt even set the correct parameter for the second request, so it was in fact repeating the same event subscription request. It now works as expected.

Glad to be a rubber duck :smiley:

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