Determine which Authorized Broadcaster is currently streaming

It seems that it’s currently impossible to determine who is streaming to a shared channel using the Authorized Broadcaster feature. I tested on my own channels and it appears as if the<mysharedchannel> endpoint does not include any information on the authorized broadcaster streaming to that channel.

Is this something in the works or planned? It would be very helpful for building extensions and bot commands for shared channels.

Considering that feature has not been touched since it was first added back in the days and it only associates with an email address and not an actual Twitch account I doubt anything like this will ever happen.

Also the correct place to suggest general site features is

Thanks for the reply. However, when you add an Authorized Broadcaster it checks that the email is associated to a valid Twitch account (at least it gives an error when it is NOT associated with a twitch account).

This was less of a suggestion and more of “where does this information exist?”, but I will make a suggestion on the uservoice now that I know it doesn’t exist.

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