Developer Access to Extension Feedback is Now Available

In January, we announced a new way for broadcasters to provide feedback directly to developers about their Extension experience. This feedback is now available to Extension developers.

What’s new?

Developers can now view feedback from broadcasters for their Extensions by visiting Extension Analytics in the developer site.

How do I get started?

From your list of Extensions, click the “Manage” button for a specific Extension and then the “Extension Analytics” button to view your statistics. You’ll now see an “Export Broadcaster Ratings” button to retrieve broadcaster ratings.

Data is available for the prior four months of collection (i.e. As of May 1, January data will no longer be available). Please be sure to download your feedback regularly.


Already opened a Uservoice

To provide one or more of

  • A webhook for when feedback is left
  • An API to fetch feedback
  • An API to request the download file and download it (like existing ext. analytics)

What is the reason behind this 4 months limit?

I would love a link for viewers to leave reviews as well. Gives us more feedback. I have many many more users than broadcasters, and that severely limits ability to get feedback on my product.

If you compare it to an app store, you have a standard model of leaving reviews, any anyone that downloads an app can leave a review. A lot of apps can prompt to leave a review with an API call, similar to the prompting we have to authorize the app, so they could give a helper function to send a popup to the user in the extension to leave a review if they didn’t get on the current version type of deal too, so its a standard flow on any extension