Developer Rig change port

I was working on the mock backend and developer rig for frontend of extension development (started with hello-world), however soon I realized that the port collides due to both are trying to serve on :8080 port, when I try to start hello-world sample with “Host with Rig” functionality.

What is the best way to change developer rig’s setting for this port?
I have done my search and replace for 8080, but it does not seems to reflect the changes.

Is this the native rig?

or the old deprecated github rig

Well I guess it is now deprecated rig…
I am a linux developer and working on getting the deprecated rig to run on Ubuntu for a while now…
Sad to see it go, but I guess, it was a good direction.

I do not see a linux support yet, or is there any update on the linux side?

I think I figured out, I have to go to Extension Dashboard -> version -> Asset Hosting.
Then change the port in one of the text box, which was defaulted to

After this is done, restart the developer rig, then click the button on the bottom of project overview “Refresh Manifest”.

It did not work in the first time, but I think was too quick switching the tabs and trying to test.
It worked the 2nd time.

I thought you were referring to the rig port.

Not the port that you serve your extension off in localhost mode.